How to book a car?

You can book a car through our website (by filling in the booking form). You can also book a car contacting our manager by number from the site, or by sending an email

In what condition is the car provided?

The car is provided clean, with a full tank of fuel. All cars are equipped with a spare wheel, a balloon key, as well as a travel kit (Kits, fire extinguisher, emergency stop sign, cable, gloves)

In what technical condition are the cars of the company?

All cars of our company are in perfect condition. We regularly maintain only on high-quality service stations. We conduct diagnostics after each long-term rental.

Can few people drive a car?

It`s possible. To do this, when you sign a rental agreement, you need to provide personal information of all people who will drive the car.

What to do if the car is out of order?

In such a situation, you need to contact the manager immediately by phone and report the trouble. Service manager will advise your further actions, if the reason can not be solved by phone, our representative will meet you and provide you a substitute car. Our support service is open 24/7.

What to do if the car got into an accident?

In the event of an accident, you must immediately inform our representative and determine the exact place where this has happened. Call the police and wait for further guidance. In no case do not leave a place of accident.

Can a rented car travel outside Ukraine?

No. A rented car can only be used on the territory of Ukraine. And also you can not go to the temporarily occupied territories!

Can I book a specific model, specification, color of the car?

Our managers will do their best to find the exact kind of car you want, but our company does not guarantee a certain specification of the car (color, equipment, glass tinting, fuel type, engine volume, etc.).

What is a deposit?

Deposit is the amount that is charged when renting a car (or is blocked on a credit card) and defines the limits of customer liability for a rented car. The size of the deposit depends on the class of the car

In what cases, the size of the liability may exceed the size of the deposit?

In cases where in the event of an accident the client was in the state of alcohol or narcotic intoxication, did not call the police (or disappeared from the place of the accident), and if the accident occurred as a result of gross violation of the rules of the road (for example, exceeding the speed limit), the client bears liability equal to the amount of damage caused to him.

When is the deposit returned?

If the deposit is in cash, then it is returned immediately after returning the car (provided that the car is returned in proper condition and it is possible to inspect it for the absence of new damages). If the deposit has been blocked on a credit card, then the unblocking of the deposit may take an additional 3 - 14 business days.

How to return or take a car during off-hours?

In order to return / take a car during off-hours or weekends, it is necessary to inform the manager in advance by phone and agree with him/her the time and place of the transfering the car. All additional services are charged individually by the car rental manager.

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