Privacy policy

We are pleased to introduce You the EconomicalGreenCars Privacy Policy.

We have developed this Privacy Policy so that You can find out:

  • what is personal data;
  • which of Your personal data we collect;
  • how and why we use them;
  • to whom we deliver Your personal data;
  • how we protect the privacy of Your personal data;
  • how to contact us if You have any questions regarding the processing of Your personal data;


We take seriously the issue of protecting the personal data of our clients, individuals who can become our customers, and other individuals who have requested or claimed the claim of ECONOMICALGREENCARS; therefore, we seek to protect the privacy of Your personal data. ECONOMICALGREENCARS is obliged to take all necessary measures to prevent misuse of Your personal data that we have become aware of.

We will process Your personal data in strict accordance with the requirements established by applicable law, and only if there are legitimate reasons for doing so. We have developed this Privacy Policy in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Personal Data" of 01.06.2010, No. 2297-VI.

We ask You to pay attention to this Privacy Policy, because it is important for You to know how we collect and use Your personal information. By "personal information" we understand all information relating to a living person or that can be used to identify that person.

ECONOMICALGREENCARS may periodically modify parts of this Policy with confidentiality, so be sure to follow the upgrades. If we make changes that significantly affect Your rights or, to the extent that we are allowed



ECONOMICALGREENCARS wants You to feel convenient by giving us access to Your personal information. Use this Privacy Policy to find out what`s happening to Your personal information when You interact with ECONOMICALGREENCARS and what options You have.

This Privacy Policy covers personal information that ECONOMICALGREENCARS collects, uses, and makes public by using our products and services online or offline.

ECONOMICALGREENCARS needs to collect your personal information for car rental or other services. We collect personal information when You pass it on to us, for example, by phone, fax, post office, email, office, after completing an application or registration form, or through our website.

Please note that in certain circumstances, if You do not provide the personal information that we require, we will not be able to provide goods or services in accordance with our agreement with You or will not be able to comply with our legal obligations. For example, if You rent a car, we will require information such as Your name, address, payment information and driver`s license. If You do not provide us with this information, we will not be able to provide You with a rental car. You will be informed if there is such a situation and to which consequences it can lead by not providing personal information.

Sometimes we combine the personal information we receive from You with other information that we have received from other sources so that we can provide You more individualized and trouble free services. This information may include Your name, contact information, travel directions, booking request and other information regarding Your booking. These third parties include:

  • Travel agents or third party reservation services that You used to make a reservation;
  • Your employer or association;
  • Police and other law enforcement agencies if You are in an accident during Your rental or suffer any loss, damage or stealing of the car, or if You pay fines for excess speed, parking, charges and other fines related to traffic, or if you commit any traffic-related offense during Your hire.

Goals for which we use this information:
(1) The need to use this personal information to fulfill our agreement to provide You with goods or services (for example, use information for car rental);
(2) processing is necessary for the purposes of our legitimate interests, provided that we have agreed them with Your rights and interests;
(3) the need to comply with legal obligations (for example, responding to requests from public or law enforcement authorities).

The following are legitimate interests:
(a) ensuring effective administration and management of Your relationship with us, including car rental with us;
(b) understanding how our customers use our services and use our fleet;
(c) researching and analyzing what services or products are needed by our clients and how they would like us to improve our services and products;
(d) understanding how our customers use our websites and applications, as well as identifying any problems with the use of websites and applications, and how we can better use our customer experience;
(e) familiarize our customers with the various products and services that we can offer;
(f) understanding and responding to client reviews;
(g) better adapting and personalizing promotions and incentives that we offer our customers;
(h) preventing, detecting and investigating unauthorized use of our vehicles and systems and ensuring proper compliance with the laws and our rules);
(i) fixing any disputes and accidents and obtaining legal and other professional advice.

We collect technical information about Your devices when You use our website, where it is permitted.


When You make a reservation, we collect information to provide You with our excellent services (for example, car rental) and to fulfill our legitimate business interests (for example, research and development of new products and services, fraud checks and security, and compliance with our legal rights).

  • name;
  • e-mail address (if You book online or wish to receive electronic receipts);
  • Your profile on the Facebook network;
  • home address (for invoicing);
  • information about employer and company address;
  • telephone numbers, on which we can contact You;
  • date of birth;
  • sex;
  • payment details;
  • tax number (on special request);
  • information on driver`s license and / or other identity card;
  • information from another form of identity document, such as a passport or government ID if Your driving license does not contain photographs or the photo can not recognize You, and / or an address confirmation, such as a utility fee (for security and Fighting Fraud). The information we collect and store will only include Your photo ID if You are informed about it;
  • special wishes and benefits, including:
  • the address at which we will leave or pick up the car and any additional services that You have ordered;
  • other information that may be needed to rent a car and / or provide You with services;
    Some vehicles are equipped with a Global Positioning System (GPS) or a similar tracking device that can also collect vehicle information.

If You are in an accident or suffer any loss, theft or damage to the car during Your hire or in case of any mechanical damage, we will collect information on such a case, including Your case report, as well as any report. The police or other third party, including details of the persons involved, as well as the nature of any personal injuries and / or car damage and additional costs. We will use this information to fulfill our contract with You; to meet our legitimate business interests (for example, to reimburse the cost of any loss or damage caused to a car); to fulfill any of our legal obligations (for example, any mandatory notification of the case to the relevant authorities); and justification, implementation, or challenge of lawsuits arising from such a case.

During Your rental, we collect data on where and when You received the car where and when You returned the car, insurance benefits, fuel consumption, mileage, accident history and other information which is related to car and its use. This information is required to provide You with the services that You need or for our legitimate business interests (for example, to control the use of our fleet).

In addition to the goals listed above, we use this information to better understand our customers and provide You with relevant offers.

We will also collect information about any speeding, parking violation charges, fees and other road charges that You incur or any traffic offenses You commit during Your rental, if this information is provided to us by any law enforcement agency. We will use this information to consider such a fine or offense.

If You notify us that You have a medical disability requiring a fitted car or other тnecessary auxiliary for the driver, we will use this information to provide You with the requested service if You give us Your explicit agreement for using this information.

When You call us (from any phone), we can record or track a call for quality control, training or similar purposes.


Some of the cars You rent at ECONOMICALGREENCARS are manufactured or equipped with an on-board computer for connecting to the Internet (a connected car), which allows us to send commands and receive certain information from the car, including geolocation data from the Global Positioning System (GPS).


Some ECONOMICALGREENCARS cars are also equipped with CCTV systems that are recorded when our car drives away/arrive at a parking lot.



When You download, visit, and use our website, ECONOMICALGREENCARS automatically collects technical information. From this section You will learn more about what technical information we collect and why we collect it.
IP addresses and other information collected automatically: we can collect information about Your IP address when You visit our websites to help us diagnose problems with our main computers, for system administration, to report consolidated information to our business partners and checking the use of our website. Usually, we do not link IP addresses with individual data. In some cases, we may use IP addresses to help us identify You when we consider it necessary to ensure that we comply with our Terms and Conditions for websites or to protect our service, site, users, etc. We can also collect information about Your browser type, Internet Service Provider (ISP), browsing / logging pages, files viewed on our site (e.g., HTML pages, graphics, etc.), operating system, and date / time and / or visit data to analyze aggregate trends and administer the site.


When You visit our website, sometimes we will also record information about Your site`s browsing session, including which pages You visit and any forms on the website that You fill out. We review this information to identify any technical issues related to the work of our sites and to improve the user interface of our sites. We will assist third parties to provide this service and this information will be forwarded to this party for this purpose, but it will not be disclosed to any other party.




ECONOMICALGREENCARS can transfer personal information to third parties to assist us in our marketing and advertising projects, such as managing our social networking pages, contests, lotteries and other promotions or marketing communications.

We will only use Your personal information to send You our marketing information, provided you agree to receive marketing communications, or otherwise permitted by applicable law. These marketing communications will be sent electronically or to Your mailing address.

Do not You want to receive promotional and marketing messages, emails and text messages from ECONOMICALGREENCARS and our partners? No problem! You may cancel Your consent to direct marketing or inform us that You do not want to receive such marketing communications at any time.



We use analytics software so that we can better understand the functionality of our software on our website. These software tools record technical information, including information about Your device, along with usage information, how often You use our website and what functions you use.


The ECONOMICALGREENCARS sites, programs and services are not intended for children under the age of 16. This includes any links to other websites that we provide for Your convenience. We do not collect personal information about children for any reason intentionally. If You think that ECONOMICALGREENCARS has received personal information about Your child or other underage person, please contact us.

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