“Lux” tariff includes:


You get a car with a full tank of fuel. You may return it with or without fuel (with help of an online payment or a non-cash payment). You should pay for the used fuel with a credit card, which was indicated during the booking of the car or with help of another convenient method.

  • Driver and passenger insurance

Company EGCars provides You an additional insurance of the driver and all passengers of the car and also provides additional financial protection in case of unpredictable circumstances.


There is no blocking of the mortgage amount and there is a full insurance coverage for a car with a zero franchise, except for cases where the client grossly violated traffic rules and at the same time caused damage, that is not an insurance case. Loss or damage of certain elements (wheels, glass, auto interior) of the car and its components is not an insurance case and is not the subject of insurance indemnity. In this case, the amount of compensation is determined by the manager of our company individually in accordance with the clause of the rent contract (6. The mortgage and terms of ensuring the fulfillment of obligations).

  •  Guaranteed booking

You will be able to have a car reservation for the period, place and time, which you have indicated. In case of the absence of a specific car, the company have the right to provide you another car of the selected class car or a class above. Cancelation of the reservation is free of charge.

  • No queues and registration

If you choose a LUX tariff and use online booking and online payment method, you do not need to waste time for making agreements and doing other procedures! You get the documents and keys from the car immediately.

  •  Loyalty program

LUX tariff has the maximum accumulation and individual discount program. According to the terms of the loyalty program in this tariff plan, your individual discount becomes valid immediately after the first order (car rental) and is valid on a regular basis with a gradual increase in relation to the number of orders (car rentals).