“Econom” tariff includes:

  • 50km / day for free

There is a free limit on the car`s run at the rate of 50 km/day or taking into account the full term of the car rental in the amount of no more than 50 km/day. The price for the mileage that exceeds this limit is calculated according to the established tariff - €0,17/1km. Also you can take advantage of the higher rate plan, which does not affect vehicle mileage and has wider offerings. (see Tariff Plans)

  • Insurance CASCO (partial coverage)

There is a partial insurance with indication of the cost of compensation for damage or loss of certain elements (parts) of the car and its components. This definition of the compensation cost spreads for all cases, except cases of big damage of the car requiring higher compensation for the damage and detailed analysis. In this case, the amount of compensation is determined by the manager of our company individually according to the clause of the Rent Contract (6. The mortgage and terms of ensuring the fulfillment of obligations) and no more than the amount of deposit in the agreement or in a specific tariff plan, except for cases where the customer grossly violated the traffic rules and at the same time caused damage - which is not an insurance case.

  •  Loyalty program

There is the accumulation of points in relation to the funds used during the car rent. If you change you tariff to a higher, these points will be credited to the general loyalty program of our company and form an individual discount for You.